Joost van OorschotCo-Founder of Maana Electric

    Joost is an avid entrepreneur, always thinking of new solutions to problems he sees in his daily life. Ever since he was young, he has wanted to go to the Moon, which is why he decided to move away from his Economics and Business background and into the Space sector.

    A masters degree in Space Studies, plus experience both as a junior analyst at a Space venture capital firm and in operating his own business in the sector, has given Joost a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape in the Space sector.

    Maana Electric strives to become the first utility company to service customers anywhere in the solar system. Their product TerraBox builds up to 10 megawatts (MW) of fully-functional solar panels per year from the materials locked in common desert sand at a cost of 60% less than conventional solar farms. On the Moon, LunaBox puts out up to 1 MW of capacity per year while also generating breathable oxygen. Maana Electric aims to power 10 million homes on Earth by 2030 and to enable the rapid growth and development of the space resources economy by the mid-2020s.

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