The Dutch social enterprise ecosystem:
Testing the OECD/EC “Better Entrepreneurship Online Tool”

Euclid Network is honoured to be hosting an OECD/European Commission workshop on the Dutch social enterprise ecosystem as an official side-event of the Summit, in partnership with the City of The Hague. This is a unique workshop in which the ‘Better Entrepreneurship Online Tool’, now under development, will be tested for the first time in the Netherlands.

This workshop gives privileged access to the tool’s content – and the opportunity to apply it to the Dutch social enterprise ecosystem, together with local stakeholders. Participants will be able to compare views and scores on how conducive their ecosystem is for social enterprise. They’ll also identify areas of improvement along and explore some inspiring good practices.

The City of The Hague is one of two cities selected to test the tool and is giving participants the opportunity to influence its development before its launch in autumn 2018 in all EU official languages.

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Are you interested in joining this testing workshop and discussing the Dutch ecosystem for social entrepreneurs with other stakeholders in the Netherlands?

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“Social entrepreneurship needs a functioning ecosystem to thrive. An ecosystem with all the actors that are necessary to lift the social economy. From the entrepreneurs themselves to investors and from policy makers to business support. The OECD underlines this importance and we welcome their ambition to develop a tool to better understand the importance of these ecosystems. We have the honor of hosting the event to test this tool in our city. You receive this invitation because you are one of the crucial actors in our ecosystem. Your important input in this session would be greatly appreciated.”

– Kees Slingerland –
Program Director, Department of Social Affairs, Municipality The Hague

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